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 ====== Hedgehog ====== ====== Hedgehog ======
-In deepest parts of Dungeon brave adventurer ​can meet Hedgehog.+Somewhere in the Demon Halls, you can meet the wandering ​Hedgehog. Usually, the Hedgehog passively wanders through the levels, but if you catch up with him and talk, the Hedgehog will say something. His sentences are pronounced in the following order : 
 +"​Hello,​ are you looking for a bear too?"​ 
 +"How is the horse there?"​ 
 +"Thank you, the tea was very tasty."​ 
 +"Take this pie." (Gives the player a pie) 
 +"​Sorry,​ I have to go." (will always say this line after the 5th conversation) 
 +There is no practical benefit from the Hedgehog, but he can give the player a pie. After receiving the pie, the only thing that the Hedgehog will do is to act as a human shield against the long-range Scorpio attacks. This should not occur often, because the Hedgehog is extremely fast and you just won't have time to run after him.
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