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 ====== Hedgehog ====== ====== Hedgehog ======
-Somewhere in the Demon Halls, you can meet the wandering Hedgehog.+Somewhere in the Demon Halls, you can meet the wandering Hedgehog. Usually, the Hedgehog passively wanders through the levels, but if you catch up with him and talk, the Hedgehog will say something. His sentences are pronounced in the following order : 
 +"Hello, are you looking for a bear too?" 
 +"How is the horse there?" 
 +"Thank you, the tea was very tasty." 
 +"Take this pie." (Gives the player a pie) 
 +"Sorry, I have to go." (will always say this line after the 5th conversation) 
 +There is no practical benefit from the Hedgehog, but he can give the player a pie. After receiving the pie, the only thing that the Hedgehog will do is to act as a human shield against the long-range Scorpio attacks. This should not occur often, because the Hedgehog is extremely fast and you just won't have time to run after him.
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