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 ====== Moistening ====== ====== Moistening ======
 +In Remixed Pixel Dungeon you can use potions to moist some of the items. It can sometimes lead to surprising effects.
 +====== Common effects ======
 +  * Potion of Levitation causes the moisted item to fly away.
 +  * Potion of Puryfication returns [[rpd:rotten_food|Rotten Food]] to it's normal state.
 +  * Potion of Invinsibilty can remove all the magical effects of a scroll, making it a [[rpd:blank_scroll|Blank Scroll]]
 +====== Moistening arrows ======
 +Arrows in the game can be moisted, which will change how they affect enemies. Up to 10 arrows can be moisted with one potion.
 +  * Potion of Toxic Gas will make the arrows poisonous. Such arrows beyond normal damage also poison the enemy upon hit.
 +  * Potion of Liquid Flame can turn your arrow into a fiery arrow, which upon contact sets the enemy on fire and also sets on fire some of the cells.
 +  * If the arrow has been greased into a Potion of Frost, it will slow down the enemy upon hit.
 +  * An arrow moistened with a Potion of Paralytic Gas will cause the arrow to paralyze the target for some time.
 +  * When applying a Potion of Levitation, you can lose up to 10 arrows ( "Item Arrow: 9 escaped from your hands and flew away")
-You can use potions to moist items. Sometime with surprising effects. 
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