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 ====== Pasty-mimic ====== ====== Pasty-mimic ======
-In Remixed PD mimics sometimes take form of bigdelicious Pasty.+In Remixed PDmimics can sometimes take the appearance of big and delicious Pasty.
-They even can hide in chests or even (on rare occasionsinside of chest-mimic. +They can even hide in chests or on rare occasions inside of chest-mimic. 
-On top of that these creatures can fly.+On top of thatthese creatures can fly. Cuties, aren't they? 
 +====== Features ====== 
 +The speed of a pasty-mimic is slightly higher than the standard speed. When the mimic activates, he doesn't take off at once, i.e If a pasty-mimic appears on a trap or a plant - their flying ability will be activated immediately. Also when this bastard activates, the attack button does not appear immediately, but only after clicking once on the screen. Upon death the pasty-mimic drops a [[rpd:rotten_food|Rotten Pasty]].
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