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 ====== Rotten Food ====== ====== Rotten Food ======
-In rpd food can rot if comes into contact with toxic gas, so don't use [[Ration]] for trap disarming. It still can be eaten through (but this will be very dangerous decision) or throw to enemy with chance with random gas effect.+In Remixed Pixel Dungeonfood can rot if comes into contact with toxic gas, so don't use your [[Ration]] for trap disarming. A rotten pie can drop from mimics that are disguised as one.
-Wise adventurer can restore rotten food to initial state by applying potion of purification to it.+Food does not become rotten if it stays your inventory for too long. Also, rotten food satisfies hunger much worse than the fresh counterparts. It is not recommended to eat such food (It still can be eaten though) but you can  thrown it at an enemy with a chance that a random gas effect will appear. 
 +By throwing a piece of rotten food, the following effects can occur: 
 +  * A cloud of toxic gas will appear (25% chance) 
 +  * A cloud of paralyzing gas will appear (25% chance) 
 +  * A cloud of confusing gas will appear (25% chance) 
 +  * Nothing will happen (25% chance) 
 +Wise adventurer can restore rotten food to it'initial state by pouring a potion of purification on it. This potion can also be used when throwing a rotten piece of food, since it blocks the effects of all gases.
 {{tag> rpd items}} {{tag> rpd items}}
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