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-Sacrificial Sword... - it is most complicated artifact in RPD so far+The Sacrificial Sword is the most complicated artifact ​to find in RPD so far.
-When enemy got a hit with it where is a chance for enemy to become your eternal slave. ​Chances ​calculated ​using complicated formula ​but:+When hitting an enemy with it, there is a chance for the enemy to become your eternal slave. ​ 
 +This chance is calculated ​randomly, ​but there are some modifiers.
-chances ​to dominate enemy on hit greater when: +The chances ​are greater when: 
-  * level of Sacrificial Sword high +  * the level of the Sacrificial Sword is high 
-  * level of your hero high +  * the level of the hero is high 
-  * enemy hp low +  * the enemy has low hp 
-  * enemy slowed+  * the enemy is slowed
-Also wearing armor drastically ​reduce ​chances to successful ​domination, and hero subclass also influence ​outcome. (Naked Shaman or Warden have far greater chance than Armored Warrior ) +Also wearing ​an armor drastically ​reduces ​chances to successful ​dominate the victim, and the hero subclass also influences the outcome. (Naked Shaman or Warden have far greater chance than Armored Warrior ) 
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