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 ====== Spiders! ====== ====== Spiders! ======
-Spider Nest location (this location unique to Remixed Pixel Dungeon) firstly added in remix.19 update. Fellow ​hero can enter spider nest from level 5 by equipping [[SpiderCharm]] and going down, if no Spider Charm equipped hero appear in prison levels as usually.+[[Spider Nest]] sub-location (this location ​is unique to Remixed Pixel Dungeon) ​was firstly added in remix.19 update. ​<del>Fellow ​heroes ​can enter the spider nest from level 5 by equipping ​the [[Spider Charm]] and going down, if the Spider Charm is not equipped, then the hero will appear in prison levels as usually.</​del>​ Now hero can just go to regular downstairs on level 5.
-Nest layout much differ ​from usual floor layout, for example there is no doors, but plenty of plants. Mob spawning logic also different, instead of spawning ​mob in random unseen location all spiders come from eggs or nests. So try destroy nests first...+Nest layout ​differs ​much from your usual floor layout, for examplethere are no doors, but plenty of plants ​growing everywhere. Mob spawning logic is also different, instead of spawning ​mobs in random unseen ​parts of the locationall spiders come from [[spider egg|eggs]] or [[spider nest|nests]]. So if you don't want to get overrun by hordes of spiders, then it's in your interest to try to destroy ​the nests first...
-Down there hero meet... well... hell lot of spiders.+Down there the hero will meet... well... ​hell of a lot of spiders.
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