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 ====== Spiders! ====== ====== Spiders! ======
-[[Spider Nest]] location (this location unique to Remixed Pixel Dungeon) firstly added in remix.19 update. Fellow hero can enter spider nest from level 5 by equipping [[Spider Charm]] and going down, if no Spider Charm equipped hero appear in prison levels as usually.+[[Spider Nest]] sub-location (this location is unique to Remixed Pixel Dungeon) was firstly added in remix.19 update. <del>Fellow heroes can enter the spider nest from level 5 by equipping the [[Spider Charm]] and going down, if the Spider Charm is not equipped, then the hero will appear in prison levels as usually.</del> Now hero can just go to regular downstairs on level 5.
-Nest layout much differ from usual floor layout, for example there is no doors, but plenty of plants everywhere. Mob spawning logic also different, instead of spawning mob in random unseen location all spiders come from [[spider egg|eggs]] or [[spider nest|nests]]. So try destroy nests first...+Nest layout differs much from your usual floor layout, for examplethere are no doors, but plenty of plants growing everywhere. Mob spawning logic is also different, instead of spawning mobs in random unseen parts of the locationall spiders come from [[spider egg|eggs]] or [[spider nest|nests]]. So if you don't want to get overrun by hordes of spiders, then it's in your interest to try to destroy the nests first...
-Down there hero meet... well... hell lot of spiders.+Down there the hero will meet... well... hell of a lot of spiders.
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