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 ====== Remixed Pixel Dungeon Changelog ====== ====== Remixed Pixel Dungeon Changelog ======
 +Remixed Dungeon [[|31.1.fix.2]] is out!
 +    New Customizations (known before as Challenges yet include Facilitations too now)!
 +    New Spider kind!
 +    Psi-Spider now will buff other spiders instead of debuffing Hero.
 +    New Spiders sprites
 +    Customizations now have icons
 +    Pseudo3d dungeon view complete for main game (but not for mods)
 +    Improved Greek (by Aeonius), Portuguese (by MCdanielkiller) and Frecnh (by Corvus06) Translations
 +    Mods now able to run scripts on InterlevelScene phase
 +    Better errors reporting:
 +        Merged Java & Lua stacktrace in report
 +        More details about Lua state (thanks to excellent StackTracePlus library)
 +    Mods now able to assing pseudo3d tile set to level using tiles_xyz level attribute
 +    Lot of other stuff
 +    Lot of bugfix and optimizations
 +Remixed Dungeon available to download from Google Play: [[|Google Play]]
 [[|remix.30.0.fix.6]] [[|remix.30.0.fix.6]]
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