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Remixed Pixel Dungeon Changelog

Remixed Dungeon 31.1.fix.22 is out!


  • New Customizations (known before as Challenges yet include Facilitations too now)!
  • New Spider kind!
  • Psi-Spider now will buff other spiders instead of debuffing Hero.


  • New Spiders sprites
  • Customizations now have icons
  • Pseudo3d dungeon view complete for main game (but not for mods)


  • Improved Greek (by Aeonius), Portuguese (by MCdanielkiller) and French (by Corvus06) Translations


  • Mods now able to run scripts on InterlevelScene phase
  • Better errors reporting:
    • Merged Java & Lua stacktrace in report
    • More details about Lua state (thanks to excellent StackTracePlus library)
  • Mods now able to assign pseudo3d tile set to level using tiles_xyz level attribute
  • Lot of other stuff


  • Lot of bugfix and optimizations

Remixed Dungeon available to download from Google Play: Google Play


* Gameplay:

  • Abilities for everyone!
  • Inn is opened now!

* Bugs fixed


* Gameplay:

  • Additional actions to perform on mobs!

* Modding:

  • Item actors!
  • Special weapon properties!
  • More uncategorized stuff!

* Bugs fixed


  • Gameplay:
    • Rogue abilities!
  • Modding:
    • Custom Armor!
  • Bugs fixed


  • Gameplay:
    • Dual Wielding!
  • Modding:
    • Custom Weapons!
  • Bugs fixed


  • Game Mechanics:
  • Town renovation!
  • Warrior special abilities!
  • Heroes hunger reduced
  • Necromancer Possess spell
  • Rogue Cloak ability
  • New Badges
  • Shields!
  • New challenges:
    • Forbidden Runes
    • Pacifism
  • Modding:
    • Custom scriptable Buffs
    • Custom gfx
    • Moddable item spawn rate
    • Custom Artifacts
    • Custom Shields!
  • Translations:
  • Hungarian translation added



  • Moddable AI for Mobs and NPCs


  • Church now open to believers
  • Town shop was renovated

Game Mechanics:

  • Trade UI improved
  • Portals can be used multiple times


Hero weapons now visible in game!



New Necromancer abilities:

  • Dark Sacrifice
  • Exhumation
  • Raise Dead
  • Fried, Frozen, Rotten and Raw Fish


  • Moddable Spells
  • Moddable Items


Gui refactoring:

  • Quickslots quantity limited only by screen width
  • Spells and abilities can be placed in quickslots
  • Handedness option

Gameplay stuff:

  • Move time limit now persist in game state
  • Realtime!(still very experimental) mode now available and persistent per game session


  • Big renovation of Town
  • Lots of gfx improvements and fixes
  • New darts and arrows
  • Now all mobs (except undead) will regenerate
  • Now strength will provide additional damage bonus for all classes
  • Fortune Teller now owns a Cat
  • Gnoll tomahawk will not break when thrown at a target


remix.retro.28.fix.1: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))

  • New Hero - Gnoll
  • The damage of magic wands in melee now depends on level of Hero magic skill
  • For each Hero, no more than one result will be displayed on the highscores board
  • Auto-sync with Google PlayGames is disabled (You can synchronize manually)
  • A large update of the Brazilian-Portuguese translation
  • New hero class options for modding: forbiddenActions, friendlyMobs
  • New language added: Malay language


remix.retro.27.4.fix.2: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))

  • Rebranding to Remixed Dungeon
  • Necrotism - new Necromancer Class Armor ability
  • New Badge to discover
  • Class Armor ability now consume Mana instead of HP
  • Chaos items now lose enchantment on degrade
  • Psi-Spiders now can cast only Blindness, Slow and Weakness spells

remix.27.3.fix.2: (Released to Google Play 22.11.2017)

remix.retro.27.3.fix.2: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))

  • New Item: Scroll of Summoning
  • Dewdrop is no longer has higher priority in loot heap. So if there is an item, lying above the dewdrop, said item will be collected first
  • Every single kind of container is now available at the town's shop
  • Goo can no longer drop the Ring of Stone Blood ( this item is only available through modding ), instead, player will be able to receive a random potion
  • The “Wing Gust” spell can only move characters, that can be moved (IsMovable)
  • Mobs can no longer spawn on the same spot with level objects
  • Necromancer's Robe is no longer set to a quick slot by default
  • Fixing the view distance randomizer
  • Fixing bug that caused boss level to spawn an elemental instead of a boss
  • The reward, player gets for watching an ad is now being processed on in-game tap

remix.27.2.fix.3: (Released to Google Play 22.10.2017)

remix.retro.27.2.fix.3: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))


  • Introducing spell system
  • Mage and Necromancer gets natural spell affinities. Those heroes are able to cast unique spells with no need for special items
  • Every character now posses a mana bar (including Necromancer)
  • Necromancer is no longer passively restores mana points for killing his enemies. This effect is now applied to a Necromancer robe (+1 mana on kill) and Bone Armor (+2 mana on kill), instead of summoning ability those items previously possessed
  • New hero attribute: Magic Level. The higher the Magic Level the more natural spells are unlocked for your hero and more powerful those spells might get
  • New item: Mana Potion
  • New item Tome of Knowledge. An item that increases your Magic Level by 1
  • New item Spell Book. This equipable item will allow you to cast a single spell on cost of mana and unlike the scrolls, this item will not expire no matter how much you use it
  • Class Armor is no longer requires health to cast it's special ability, it costs 1/3 of your maximum amount of mana instead
  • The “Wand of Magic Missiles” are no longer lootable from Crystals
  • From this point on, every level will have their “view distance” set randomly, so that player can encounter “dark” levels at every point of the game
  • Torches are now available at beginning and can be commonly found throughout the game
  • The “safe” (isSafe) levels are unaffected and will be always lit to a maximum extend
  • Damage from burning is scales with dungeon depth now

Vanity Items: 

  • New Hat: Chaos Helmet 


  • You can now add new attributes to your “iniHeroes” file: “maxSP” - sets a maximum amount of mana, that your character can posses. “startingSp” sets starting amount of mana for your character
  • Hero initialization also takes the “magicAffinity” attribute, which can be set to: “Elemental”, “Necromancy” or “Common” (“Common” means, that character can only use spells from the spell books)
  • New game object in mods – Trap. Unlike regular in-game trap, this object can be adjusted in several ways. You can set: the number of activations (uses), the target cell on which the trap's effect should trigger(target), and whatever you can or cannot active the trap by throwing item at it (activatedByItem)

remix.27.1.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 10.08.2017)

remix.retro.27.1.fix.1: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))

  • Introducing Portal system
  • After defeating one of main bosses you will encounter portal room. Portal will take you back to town. Those gates can only be used once
  • Portal gate that's located in Town itself will always take you back to last used portal, if you did used it
  • After defeating a boss of the secondary dungeon you can use skeleton key to open exit that leads to the first level of said dungeon
  • Goo can no longer drop Lloyd's Beacon. This item is only available through mods
  • Fixed summoning trap bug, that was causing Shades to be spawned on floor tiles
  • Fixed “pet” statue bug, that flooded game log with unnecessary information

remix.27: (Released to Google Play 26.06.2017)

remix.retro.27: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))

  • Game now uses following Google Play Games services: Achievements, Leaderboards and Cloud Saves
  • Size of all containers has been increased, now it matches that of a main backpack
  • Necromancer hero class is now available for every player from the very start
  • Potions can now be upgraded with Scrolls of Upgrade. The upgraded and degraded potions can also be found in loot
  • Fixed chaos crystal issue that would deplete whole stack of empty scrolls when “fused” instead of 1
  • Fixed bug that made Goo unable to attack hero at certain distance after using “pump attack”
  • Increased maxLevel attribute for Fetid Rat and various bosses (So that unusually high level characters would still get loot from those characters)
  • New attribute for levels and mobs in player-created mods: “viewDistance” (Sets view distance in range of 1-8)

remix.26.6.fix.2: (Released to Google Play 10.06.2017)

remix.retro.26.6.fix.2: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))

  • New unique item: Wand of Shadowbolt
  • Crystal spawned by Shadow Lord now uses Wand of Shadowbolt instead of regular ranged attack. Loot chance for said wand is 25%
  • Fixed ranged attack issues for: Air Elemental, Crystal, Burning Fist, Psi-Spider and Amber Spider
  • Mage Armor (version for Warlock: WarlockArmor) and Candy are now available in mods

remix.26.5.fix.6: (Released to Google Play 23.05.2017)

remix.retro.26.5.fix.6: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))

  • Updated “new” font appearance
  • Items can no longer land on a position occupied by NPC or by item that is for sale
  • Library has opened and now will contain info about items and mobs that you encounter during your adventures
  • Elf now starts with unique Elven Dagger, that requires 9 strength
  • When a hero is about to step on visible trap a warning dialog window will appear asking to confirm this action
  • Blinded hero won't get the warning message, when is about to step on a visible trap or into the pit, “blindly stepping forward”
  • Undead mobs are no longer affected by confusing gas
  • Testing option that allows to limit time that hero gets to make his turn
  • Updating translations
  • Scroll of Domination got a visual effect to more clearly indicate that it has been used
  • Fixed bug that was causing hero to take fall damage multiple times if game was minimized right after the fall
  • Now you can create custom mobs for your mods. Example can be found here
  • Custom mob mechanics also allows to create mob with ranged attack
  • Adding modding atributes: canBePet, wallWalker and absoluteWalker for custom mobs
  • Modding now supports custom “defense” messages for mob, ex. “Blocked”, “Parried”

remix.26.4.fix.3: (Released to Google Play 16.04.2017)

remix.retro.26.4.fix.3: (For older devices (Android 2.3+))


  • Spirit of Pain losses health on every turn
  • On Yog's death every mob on level also dies, including those controlled by the hero
  • Yog spawns 2 mini-bosses on easy and medium difficulties («Expert» difficulty still makes him summon 3 of those)
  • Upgrade level of wands used by the Crystals (including those spawned by Shadow Lord) are no longer equals to the dungeon depth on which Crystal was spawned, but a half that amount
  • Mechanics behind Shadow Lord's ability «summon Wraith» was slightly optimized
  • Hero will start with 100 gold coins instead of 200
  • Starting gear once again include Ration
  • Now, if hero dies on difficulty level that allows save states and if there is saved game available, instead of a menu the «Load saved game» screen will appear
  • New NPC in Town: a Fortune-teller, she is willing to identify your items, for a symbolic payment
  • While hero stays in town he\she will no longer accumulate hunger
  • Health regeneration and «rest until healthy» feature disabled in town
  • Watch limit in Movie Theater now based on hero level, for every new level you will be able to watch 1 more video
  • Necromancer's robe is no longer checks for hero health in order to perform summoning
  • The «You can wear only 2 rings at a time!» message is now mentions «artifacts»
  • Necromancer gets clearer log entry once summoning limit is reached
  • Rat Armor was slightly buffed
  • Upgrading a wand will restore it's charges
  • Fixed bug which would break the Town layout in older save files
  • Fixed bug which mixed texts from different mods


  • CagedKobold added to MobFactory and now available in custom levels
  • On dungeon levels tagged as «isSafe» hero will no longer accumulate hunger, and no longer regenerate health or be able to «rest until healthy»
  • Approved mods can change «banners» image file
  • Wands got «charges» and «maxCharges» attributes
  • New attribute for dungeon levels: «isStatic». Level tagged with it will re-generate every time hero enters it (Level remains «static», despite things that hero could have done previously)
  • Adding additional step of hero's starting gear initialization: «non_expert». Items, included on this step, will be added to the inventory in every difficulty level, except for «Expert» difficulty
  • Hero are no longer suffers from hunger debuffs, that he would get on «Expert» difficulty, as long as he remains on «isSafe» level

remix.26.3.fix.2: (Released to Google Play 23.03.2017)

  • Town grew bigger\n
  • Town shop now sells more items\n
  • New quest in Town\n

remix.26.2.fix.3: (Released to Google Play 12.03.2017)


  • New building opened in the Town: Movie theatre
  • Rings can now be kept on keyring
  • Keyring can only be bought in the Town
  • Town shop was updated
  • Whenever you sell items to a shopkeeper in the Town, he will place it for sale, if there is shop space available
  • New Vanity item: Gnoll Costume


  • Weapons gets «enchantment» attribute
  • Armor gets «glyph» attribute
  • Now in order for game to detect your mod, it must contain version.json file

remix.26.1.fix.5: (Released to Google Play 03.03.2017)

Testing method of creating custom maps, guide will soon appear here

  • Game begins in a town
  • Town gets unique musical theme (by Misaerit)
  • In order to achieve 100% victory after obtaining amulet of Yendor, you have to reach town exit
  • Hero's starting belongings now contains only class-specific gear, each hero also receives 200 gold coins
  • Town has a shop, where you can obtain starting gear and items
  • Town priest will heal and feed your hero for a fee
  • Flying mobs can no longer activate traps
  • You can no longer sell a container that contains something
  • Undead mobs are immune to poison
  • When skeleton dies he deals damage to 4 adjacent cells (in vertical and horizontal lines), instead of 8
  • Updated font visuals
  • Crystals can no longer be moved with telekinesis
  • Potion of purity can cure effect of a confusing gas
  • Mobs created with multiplication can no longer get less than 1 hp on spawn
  • Fixing typos
  • Fixing sprites of Ice Caves
  • Mods “The Fallen” and “Maze” fully supports English language
  • New donation level is now available. By purchasing the “Royal Pixel” you will not only help our project, but you will also unlock every single hat in the game, including every hat that is ever going to be released

remix.26.fix.3: (Released to Google Play 31.12.2016)


  • New food : festive turkey
  • Original musical theme for Caves (by Misaerit)
  • New dungeon type: Ice Caves!
  • At this point Ice Caves includes:
  • 4 new mobs
  • A new Boss
  • A new NPC
  • Unique Wand of Icebolt
  • An artifact: Candle of Visions
  • Original musical theme! (by Misaerit)
  • Fixed bug that prevented rare spiders from spawning
  • Goo became slightly stronger


  • Added Santa Hat!
  • Added Red nose and antlers!


  • New level type RandomLevel
  • Bestiary now allows you to adjust not only depth, but a level id as well
  • New attribute for RandomLevel and PredesignedLevel: “boss_level”:true
  • For multi-kind mobs you can now set desired variation with “var” attribute
  • Signs can now use strings_xx.json as a source file for texts, in such way: “text”:“Some_Text”, where “Some_Text” is declared in strings_xx.json
  • Fixed issue that made levitation visual effect persist longer than the levitation itself, if hero were to travel between floors
  • Now all rare mobs are available in mods
  • Tengu can now be placed on custom levels

remix.25.4.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 05.10.2016)


  • Barrels can be pushed by Wand of Telekinesis
  • Barrels are less likely to spawn in corridors
  • Spear, Glaive and Halberd are now belong to “Polearms” archetype, granting player an increased attack distance (previously that was only possible with Spear)
  • Attack speed of “Polearms” was reduced to balance out increased attack distance
  • “Title” screen now says “Remixed Pixel Dungeon”
  • “About” screen was updated
  • Boss fight music now plays only during boss fights for all bosses, except Yog(level 31 has boss fight music on the moment you enter it)
  • Updated translation (+new language: Turkish)


  • Mods now support custom keys
  • Some mobs can now be manually set to a certain power level
  • “Albino” mob is available in mods now

remix.25.3.fix.5: (Released to Google Play 28.10.2016)

  • Added new object: Explosive barrels (replaced with pumpkins during Halloween)
  • Added original music for boss levels
  • New item: Pumpkin pie
  • New NPC: Scarecrow
  • New vanity items: Zombie mask, Vampire skull and Ushanka hat
  • Translation updates

remix.25.2.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 05.10.2016)

–New Features–

  • Now you can resize game Ui manually during game session. This feature is available in “Settings” menu


  • Fixed bug resulting in creating images of your hero, wearing a hat, after clicking “Examine” button in “Hats” menu
  • Fixed bug, that was preventing mobs (summoned or resurrected on a “hole” cell) from falling down
  • Updated translations and fixed some typos

remix.25.1.fix.9: (Released to Google Play 17.09.2016)

–New Features–

  • New Hero Class: Necromancer
  • Now only necromancers will receive xp for kills made by minions
  • Necromancer has higher chance to proc Sacrificial Blade


  • All monsters in Necropolis has been nerfed
  • Now Yog-Dzewa gets defense buff not only from fists but from other sub-bosses as well
  • On Yog's death all other bosses dies (Previously this affected only fists)
  • Yog's Heart has been nerfed. The amount of heal, it provides to other mobs was reduced
  • Bosses are no longer “Hunting” by default
  • Gnoll-Zombie's chance to “rise from the dead” has been reduced
  • Pseudo-Rat has been nerfed
  • Black Skull now requires 10 charges to activate, instead of 15. But death of player's minions no longer gives it charges
  • Treacherous Spirit cannot become player's minion anymore


  • Updated tile set of Sewers


  • Fixed “non-disappearing text” bug
  • Fixed bug that wasn't allowing Necropolis Boss to damage player properly
  • Fixed issue with generation of dungeon level 5


  • User created mods can now contain codex items with custom text
  • User created mods now allows to set custom tiles, water and music to a specific level

remix.25.fix.5: (Released to Google Play 15.08.2016)

  • (fix.5)Font size adjustments
  • (fix.5)Missing items added to modding mode
  • (fix.4)Black skull artifact has been nerfed. Now in order to activate the equiped skull player must kill 15 mobs. One activation can rise a single mob to fight on your side
  • (fix.4)Lich became stronger
  • (fix.4)Runic skulls got more health points
  • (fix.4)Necromancer NPC is being removed from the dungeon once player enters Necropolis
  • (fix.4)Changed the way dungeon level 5 being generated
  • New dungeon type: Necropolis, in order to enter necropolis you have to find Necromancer on level 7, so he can give you skeleton key
  • New items: Spider Armor and Black Skull
  • Golden sword has become stronger and requires more strength
  • Water in Spider Layer is being displayed properly
  • Now bone piles can't contain artifacts and quest items
  • Pet mechanics have been changed. Various mobs received immunity to mind control effects
  • Burning period of Liquid Flame has been shortened, it also will burn less in water
  • Mind control icon, which appears above the “pet” mobs, has been changed to a heart shape
  • Updated visual of “new font”
  • Updated translations
  • Removed options : “immersive mode” and “gui scale”

remix.24.2.fix.7: (Released to Google Play 14.07.2016)

  • (fix.7)Fixed issue that allowed Shadow Lord to spawn crystals in the rooms where crystal was already destroyed
  • (fix.6)Fixed bug that made Spider Queen to drop no loot even if chance was 100%
  • (fix.6)Updated translation (Chinese, French and Japanese)
  • (fix.5)Fixed bug that was causing boss room on level 5 not to generate way down to level 6
  • (fix.5)Fixed bug that was causing game to crash on mimic pie's death if it happens on “chasm” square
  • (fix.5)Fixed issue with incorrect calcualting of 100% loot drop chance
  • (fix.5)Added Japanese language!
  • (fix.4)Fixed issue that caused hidden traps not to trigger properly
  • (fix.4)Updated translations (Spanish, Italian and Chinese)
  • (fix.3)Fixed issue that was resulting in incorrect work of alchemy pot
  • (fix.3)Fixed issue that was resulting in displaying no text if game was freshly installed on devices with system language set to Chinese
  • (fix.2)By popular demand, we finally added RatKing_Name_Objective!
  • (fix.2)Fixed several issues with class armor visuals
  • (fix.2)Sewers Boss Level layout has been changed
  • (fix.2)Updating various translations
  • New mob: Golden Statue (rare statue)
  • New item: Golden Sword (can be found as rare loot, or also can be found as loot from golden statue)
  • New NPC: Necromancer (He's got exciting news to tell you. Find him at level 7)
  • Goo has been nerfed
  • Tengu now drops Tome every time. Subclasses can't use tome to change their specialty
  • Shadow Lord encounter slightly changed. Players can't run past the boss so easily now
  • Spider Charm gets updated sprite and now drops by a Spider Queen

remix.24.1.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 16.06.2016)

  • (fix.1) Fixed bug that caused game to crash on Amber Spider attack
  • (fix.1) Updated “Pirate Set” sprite


  • Added Chinese(zh) translation!
  • New mob: Armored Statue
  • New rares: Spider Guard (rare of Spider Soldier) and Amber Spider(rare of Psi-spider)
  • Players can now delete saved files
  • Updated visuals for Spider Lair

-Vanity Items-

  • Buying new item automatically equips item
  • New item “Pirate Set”
  • Updated visuals for Neko Ears and Rabbit Ears

remix.24.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 07.06.2016)

  • We got Hats now! (Vanity items)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improved translations (Italian, German, Spanish)

remix.23.2.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 23.05.2016)

  • Added tier 6 armor and weapon
  • Added crossbows
  • Added Chaos Armor

remix.23.1.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 09.05.2016)

  • There is new shop, NPC and quest on level 27
  • New monster for Demon Nest (27-31)
  • All monsters and bosses on levels 27-32 and they're abilities became stronger
  • Updated boss badges
  • Several minor visual upgrades
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added partial Italian translation ( Thanks to Seb47TV)
  • Added partial German translation ( Thanks to all who takes participation! )

remix.23.fix.2: (Released to Google Play 11.04.2016)

  • Dungeon is 32 levels deep (instead of 26)
  • Level 25 now features a new boss “Shadow Lord”
  • We created and still updating a whole new setting “Demonic Nest” which lies throughout levels 27-31. Needless to say that this setting features new monsters and soon going to get it's own NPC
  • The last boss, not just moved deeper in his domain, but got 3 new mini-bosses to spawn, so now Yog-Dzewa can chose from a total of 5 bosses to aid him. And he will actually spawn not 2 but 3 of them for the fight
  • Improved Korean l10n (Thanks to flameblast12)
  • Improved Spanish l10n (Thanks to Alesxanderk)

remix.22.fix.6: (Released to Google Play 20.03.2016)

  • New hidden boss

remix.21.5.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 21.02.2016)

  • New properties for old items
  • PD mini (still under construction) mod updated
  • Violet fireballs on main screen!

remix.21.4.fix.6: (Released to Google Play 07.02.2016)

  • sacrificial sword - new rare weapon
  • auto-targeting feature
  • Android 6.0 runtime permissions
  • Lazy sound loading

remix.21.3.fix.6: ( Released to Google Play 02.01.2016)

  • Highscore table improved
  • ACRA integrated
  • PD mini (still under construction) mod available to download
  • Improved Sewers graphics (Thanks to Dmitriy Denisov)
  • Brazilian Portuguese l10n updated (Thanks to Rodrigo Pan)
  • Spanish l10n updated (Thanks to AndresNobody)

remix.21.2.fix.4: (Released to Google Play 10.12.2015)

  • Ability to choose game mods (just reskins for now) ( Usable only by experienced modders)
  • Korean l10n updated ( Thanks to Highseeker )

remix.21.1: (Released to Google Play 16.11.2015)

  • Easy mode
  • Expert mode

remix.21.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 13.11.2015)

  • bug fixes

remix.21: (Released to Google Play 8.11.2015)

remix.20.1: (Released to Google Play 4.11.2015)

remix.20.fix.5: (Released to Google Play 24.10.2015)

  • Save & Load function
  • Lot of bugs fixed

remix.19.2: (Released to Google Play 04.10.2015)

  • new rare weapon with special ability
  • new very rare mob
  • spear range buffed to 2
  • melee with arrow equipped nerfed
  • bugs fixed ( including fatal bug with pt_BR )

remix.19.1: (Released to Google Play 14.09.2015)

  • text rendering subsystem rewrite
  • Korean (created by community) l10n
  • Brazilian Portuguese (created by community) l10n
  • bugs fixes

remix.19.0.fix.1: (Released to Google Play 21.08.2015)

  • Spiders!
  • Spider levels
  • Spider Queen


  • Sprites fixes
  • l10n fixes: Ru, Es, Fr
  • Balance tuning


  • Some monsters a bit smarter now
  • en, es and ru localization fixes
  • various bugs fixed


  • New sprite for Air elemental
  • Bugs fixed


  • Elemental's balance tuning


  • Spanish translation updated
  • Elemental's
  • Rogue subclasses sprites
  • Elf subclasses sprites


  • Spanish translation ( by community, check about section for credits )
  • one new property for one potion
  • various bugs fixed


  • new mage subclasses sprites
  • little surprise ;)


  • disable accidentally enabled modding mode


  • one more arrow type
  • quiver
  • greatly improver Polish l18n ( thanks to Daedron )
  • added missing file to French l18n
  • bugs fixed


  • elves - now complete class
  • new sprites for gladiator and berserk
  • moistening logic fix
  • lots if bug fixed
  • a bit more ui customization options( for donators )
  • French and Polish l10n updates ( by community )

remix 13.2:

  • add font selector ( classic font set by default )
  • fixes for warden & sniper sprites
  • elf fixes

remix 13.1:

  • fixed “last arrow” bug
  • balance tune

remix 13:

  • added new class: Elf ( experimental, please report any issues )
  • added sprites for sniper and warden
  • added Polish translation ( created by community )
  • changed font subsystem
  • bugs fixed

remix 12.2

  • minor bug fixed

remix 12.1:

  • arrows duplication bug fixed
  • in-game settings issue fixed
  • font size adjustment option

remix 12

  • French l18n added (created by community 96% complete )
  • change bow interaction
  • add more bow types
  • add more arrow types
  • some potions now have additional properties
  • various bugs fixed

remix 11.4

  • adjust bow spawn probability

remix 11.3

  • add bow & arrows
  • add in-game donation button

remix 10.8

  • bug fixes

remix 10.7

  • fixed bug: save with Mirror Images do not loaded properly ( great thanks for someone with Philips_W6500_A for providing detailed issues description )

remix 10.6

  • seed effects more balanced now
  • ui improved
  • even more bugs fixed

remix 10.3

  • more bug fixes


  • bug fixes


  • some graphics issues fixed


  • added win counter
  • berserk in fury have a bit different appearance
  • Seeds can burn
  • Hero can eat seeds
  • bugs fixed


  • quickslots fixed ( we believe completely this time )
  • gold collection sound restored
  • some bugs fixed
  • new permissions for new updates


  • fixed crash when enter settings
  • fixed some quickslots issues


  • landscape mode improved
  • added second quickslot
  • added third quickslot ( landscape mode only )


  • added unique Artifact
  • added new Badge
  • Shadow buffed
  • path-finding improved


  • Fixed bug: some mobs does not enter sleep state properly


  • New mob added
  • More texts for Codex
  • Fixed bug: use stylus on blank scroll when backpack is full lead to scroll disappear


  • Toxic gas and Fire can interact with more items
  • New kinds of «food»
  • New item


  • Display warning if not enough space for save-game
  • Fixes in English and Russian localizations

remix.04 - hotfix

  • Fixed error: hangup when player enters level with shop


  • Added mimic from pd 1.7.5
  • Someone new lives in Demon Halls now
  • New item added
  • Arcane Stylus now have new power
  • stylistic and grammatical fixes


  • add in-game language selector
  • Russian localization fixes


  • add item from pd 1.7.5
  • add new item
  • English localization stylistic fixes


  • Russian translation improved


  • Fixed rare crash on exotic OpenGL ES implementations
  • Russian translation improved


  • Russian translation stylistic
  • Fixed description of the water in demon halls
  • Fixed a rare problem with saving game
  • Fixed very rare crash when creature being under amok wanted to go, but he was nowhere to go.


  • Fixed description of the water in demon halls
  • Fixed a rare problem with saving game
  • Fixed very rare crash when creature being under amok wanted to go, but he was nowhere to go.


  • Fixed grammar in Russian localization
  • Magic sheep gender fixed
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