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Frequently asked questions

Q. I'm stuck at level 10 at the spider queen room.

A. Return to level 5 and search for another way to the deeps.

Q. How to change game language?

A. Game language can be changed: Start Screen - Main menu(small gears in top left corner) - Select Language

Q. How to unlock Gnoll Class?

A. You can unlock the gnoll character if you befriend a gnoll brute (which can be found on levels 11-14 of Caves location), get it damaged, and make the town priest heal him.

Q, How to obtain Necromancer mastery (no Tome of Mastery from Tengu)

A. To unlock Lich (the Necromancer subclass) Your hero should defeat… The Lich - boss of Necropolis location.

Q. How to connect to Play Games?

A. Click on pixelated Play Games icon on start game screen. If no such icon available please check you have good Internet connection and latest Google Play Services installed.

Q. I hate starving all the time.

A. Hero would buy food from town store. Hero would hunt or fish. Also, there is just enough food in Dungeon to survive entirely without town because all non-boss levels contain at least one Ration, And for last but not least: Don't feed your hero too often, let him star ve a bit especially when HP counter is still high.

Q. Why are you monetizing open source game?

A. Pixel Dungeon was released under GPLv3 license, which permit distribution of modifications and or any form of monetization, as long as modified source available for legitimate users, which is granted (

In addition to the above, mild ads and inapp donations are an only way for Remixed to survive and continue it development.

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