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Gnoll is a playable class unique to Remixed Dungeon (aka Remixed Pixel Dungeon).

• Gnoll cannot read/write, so identifying items is a good idea. Damage usually relies on strength because you cannot read scrolls of upgrade.

• Gnoll can walk past other gnolls as if they are passive. Using missile weapons on other gnolls, however, will provoke them and will cause them to attack you normally.

• Unlike normal tomahawks, gnoll tomahawk does not disappear when you throw it.

• Gnolls start with a very low health, level up first before fighting a boss.

How to unlock Gnoll Class

You can unlock the gnoll character if you befriend a gnoll brute (which can be found on levels 11-14 of Caves location), get it damaged, and make the priest heal him.


Jhian Gabriel M. Muhi, 2019/02/01 12:19

Why is identifying items a good idea for gnoll? Also, how do you identify as a gnoll?

mike, 2019/05/11 11:24

Fortune Teller in the town will identify items for a small fee.

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