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This is NYRDS team wiki.

Our main project currently is Remixed Pixel Dungeon open source rogue-like with pixel-art graphics and multilingual localization.

You can download it from Google Play, Amazon Store, Chrome Web store or from Changelog page.

If you into cryptocurrencies you may be interested in Crypto Lending Monitor. It can be downloaded from Google Play.

We developed one more game for android: Jumpy Rat. You can download it from Google Play or from wiki page Changelog.

Also, you may want to check our Pixel Dungeon Wikia page and Pixel Dungeon Subreddit

And don't forget to check our Fanart page!

Like us on Facebook

Follow us on twitter

Check our YouTube channel

Please note English is not native for some wiki authors. So if you see any mistake or awkward phrase feel free to fix it ( this is a wiki after all )

Эта wiki на русском языке


Pablo, 2019/04/04 16:34

Hey! Congratulations for this great job. I've spent years playing remixed pixel. Is there a possibility to add more metamorphosis wells? I always get the same rings and wands. Thanks , regards

Jack McShea, 2019/03/19 13:09, 2019/03/20 22:47

Hello mike, can you update the google chrome version please? it is only at 23.2 version. thanks

mike, 2019/03/22 20:43

Hi. Looks like Google discontinued support for ARCWelder - tool to convert android apps to chrome extensions. So I unable to do update. But ChromeOs should be able to run apps from GooglePlay anyway.

Jhian Gabriel M. Muhi, 2018/09/18 12:48

Can you release a download file for the mod? Just like the files that we can download, modify and run using JSON editors.

mike, 2018/09/18 14:38

1) Source code for Remixed Dungeon is on github: - but to work with it some Java knowleadge will be required

2) Some mods are on github too, explore this one: for repos suffixed with -MOD. And here json editors will help.

Jhian Gabriel M. Muhi, 2018/09/19 12:08

Sorry, but I cant really use the source code for the mod because I do not know how to compile android apps. I only use the built-in mod system so I cant really use the source code. Can I get a JSON version of the mod instead so that I can modify it at will?

mike, 2018/09/19 16:47

Try to start from Maze:

Jhian Gabriel M. Muhi, 2018/09/20 12:55

Ok, but what is the name of the gnoll tomahawk? I need the name so that I can use it in a small mod.

Jose alfredo funes escurra(joseph), 2018/09/01 14:59


mike, 2018/09/01 19:59

It is very hard to get it right, but someday I will try

Mark Frey, 2018/01/20 07:49

How do I unequip artifact?

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