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Bows and Arrows

In Remixed Pixel Dungeon there is a new type of weapons - bows. Any class can use a bow, but only an elf can do damage by firing arrows at close range. Arrows are required in order to use a bow. Bows can also perform melee attacks, but at the cost of effectiveness as the bow attack speed is reduced in melee.

To use the arrows, the player must put them in the slot arms of one of the bows. Damage arrows of envy from the bow. Fire burns any arrows going through. Arrows can be removed in a quiver, which is purchased from a vendor at level 11 for 750 gold. The quiver protects them from burning. The thief and the hunter classes can use the arrows as melee weapons. Arrows can be lubricated by using potions on them.

Bows List

  • Wooden Bow - The simplest bow. Requires 10 strength. Burns in the fire.
  • Compound Bow- This bow requires 14 strength and burns as well as the wooden bow in the fire.
  • Ruby Bow - The most powerful bow with the highest base damage. Requires 18 strength to use and is immune to fire.

Arrows List

  • Common Arrow - Regular arrow without any effect. All other types of arrows are obtained by lubricating them.
  • Fire Arrow - Ignites in contact with the enemy. It is fabricated by lubricating arrows with liquid flame potion.
  • Frost Arrow - Slows down the enemies affected. It is fabricated by lubricating arrows with frost potion.
  • Poison Arrow - Poisons the enemy. It is fabricated by lubricating arrows with poison gas potion.
  • Paralysis Arrow - Paralyzes opponents. It is fabricated by lubricating arrows with paralyzing gas potion.

Bows and arrows also can be found in Skillful Pixel Dungeon ( but with different game mechanics )

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