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Chaos Crystal

Chaos Crystal - is an artifact that you can put on as a ring. This item has the “Mark of Chaos” ability. To use it, you need to collect enough energy in the crystal, which can be done by killing monsters. The “Mark of Chaos” can create a random effect on the tile that you choose, i.e burn the chosen tile or create a gas cloud and etc.

If you identify the crystal, you can see how much charges it has at the moment (100 is max). If you identify the crystal for the second time, then you will have the ability to Fuse (requires at least 50 charges) it with the items that are listed below:

  • Scroll
  • Piece of Armor
  • Melee Weapon
  • Ranged Weapon
  • Wand


If you fuse a scroll with a chaos crystal then you will get a scroll of enchantment

Chaos Sword

The Chaos Sword is a tier-3 melee weapon. It requires 14 point of strength and the average damage is 9 points. It can't be upgraded, but it upgrades itself when you kill enough mobs. The sword can also enchant itself and it will lose upgrades if you won't use it for some time.

Chaos Armor

The Chaos Armor is a tier-3 armor. It requires 13 points of strength and it can absorb up to 6 points of damage. The upgrade system works the same way as a chaos sword

Сhaos Bow

The Chaos Bow is a tier-3 ranged weapon. It requires 14 points of strength and similarly to the chaos sword it autoupgrades and autoenchants.

Chaos Staff

The Chaos Staff has 2 charges in the beginning and can also upgrade itself. The effects of the wand are the same as of the “Mark of Chaos”, i.e creating random gases, burning tiles, growing grass and etc.

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