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Basic Idea

  • All PD flavors source has assets folder vanilla for example
  • Remixed can load games resources not only from apk assets but also from external storage ( typically located at Android/data/ ), so mod can override some (or all) of it contents
  • In Remixed assets contains not only graphics & music but also data such as Dungeon structure, levels description, animation sequences and so on.

So one can just provide different data set and it is.

Most simple way to get a better view at Remixed view is to download one of bundled mods and examine it structure. Maze is good to start from)

Brief features list

Maybe it worth to you check Remixed PD mods mechanics? It very far from complete, completely lack documentations, full of bugs, and so on. But at this point it allow do following (without touching java code):

  • Replace any sprite
  • Replace any text for any language already in
  • Assign file & index for item sprites
  • Change animation sequences for mobs ( not all special effects implemented yet )
  • Change dungeon structure ( levels graph, kind, size )
  • Assign custom level music
  • Assign custom music for boss fight
  • Add predesigned levels to dungeon ( you can use Tiled to define floor layout, place mobs and items)
  • Add random levels ( this feature somewhat similar to YourPD custom maps but no gui avaliable yet )
  • Create custom bestiary ( mob|level probability )
  • Add signs and codexes with arbitary texts

In order to be able to play your mod (or any other non-official mod), you need to place your modified files in a folder named the way, you want your mod to be named (example: “My mod”). Do not forget to add a version.json file with something like {“version”:1} as content

And place that folder into ”files” directory of the game. Approximate path on typical android system looks like that: Android/data/ .

You can check how other mods structured, to get better idea.

Existing mods

Gameplay with mods

Since mod can drastically change game difficulty one cannot earn badges while playing in mod.

List of resources


Tiled - map editor

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