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Necromancer is a new playable class introduced in Remixed Pixel Dungeon. This character specializes in calling spirits and the resurrection of fallen enemies. To unlock him, the player must defeat the Lich boss of Necropolis.

The Necromancer use mana to cast Death spells.

A special robe is given at the beginning, which can be used to convert enemies deaths to mana.


  • Summon Deathling
  • Dark Sacrifice
  • Exhumation
  • Raise Dead


  • He starts with 15 hit points
  • Healing potion is identified at the start


  • Lich

Class Armor:

Bone armor allow wearer to cause deadly Necrotism plague.


To become a Lich, you need to open a passage to the Necropolis by using a key, which is already there. Then you need to defeat the Lich boss (don't be confused with the subclass) and pick up the “Soul Reaper” artifact. Here you will have a choice: break the spell or become a Lich. If you break the spell, you can use it as a regular Obsidian Skull.


  • When turning into the Lich, the hero loses 2 points of strength
  • The Lich are completely immune to gases and poison
  • The Lich has a greater margin of souls
  • If Lich has full mana reserve and dies, he will reborn the same way as using an Ankh
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