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Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon (or PD for short) is Roguelike game for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS created by Watabou.

PD site


Jul 26, 2014 - This day Watabou published Pixel Dungeon source under GPL v3 at GitHub. However, Watabou do not reacted to community created issues and not assert pull requests so PD forks era has begun.

First (and most popular at time of writing) fork is Shattered Pixel Dungeon (source, Google Play, official site)

Pixel Dungeon ML - first fork that implements multilingual feature (source, Google Play). Remixed Pixel Dungeon is direct fork of Pixel Dungeon ML

Remixed Pixel Dungeon - started as Russian translation - and eventually evolve to one of most popular PD mod. Currently 5 languages have 90%+ translation status.

Skillful Pixel Dungeon - Many new mobs, items and difficulty settings

Your Pixel Dungeon - Allow you set parameters for map generator and play generated maps.

Soft Pixel Dungeon - Allow you save|load game effectively removing permanent death from game.

Sprouted Pixel Dungeon - Bigger levels, new items, hardcore bosses.

Pixel Ponies! - Remixed Pixel Dungeon fork with ponies! (source code)

Pixel Dungeon+ - Port of Pixel Dungeon to C#, available on Microsoft Store source code

Port of Pixel Dungeon to C++ (MSVC solution) - source code, there is no prebuilt binary available at time of writing.

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