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Ring of Stone Blood

Ring of Stone Blood allows adventurer wearing it to walk through solid rocks as thin air. This comes at a price of course : for each step, the wearer lose portion of his health.

This artifact is unique for Remixed Pixel Dungeon

Bugs and Features

Due to some flaws with the ring, it has a a variety of interesting bugs that you can use to your advantage.

  • Gases don't disperse inside walls, which can lead to some interesting and even deadly effects. For example:

- If you drink a potion of toxic gas inside a wall, then it will stay in that tile forever. Same goes for the potion of paralytic gas, but drinking it will lead to your inevitable death. The effect of the potion will never end, so you will be paralyzed until you die to one of the natural factors- starving, ring that takes your life over time, or any enemy.

  • The ring works during boss fights, which lets you use some interesting tactics. Lets take Tengu as an example:

- Instead of using the key to the boss room right away, we can pass trought the wall and only then use the key. This will make it possible to lure Tengu into another room, which will make the fight easier for you. The room will not have traps spawning in it and also it can be smaller in size (faster and easier to hit Tengu)

  • The ring lets you access locked rooms, if you cant find a key for some reason.
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