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Seeds work a bit different in Remixed Pixel Dungeon. ​The main from difference from the original game is that you can eat them.You will gain buffs from the seeds as soon as you eat one of them. The warrior regenerates ​5 points of hp for each seed he eats. Here are listed all the effects you can can gain, for eating different kind of seeds:

  • Sungrass: When eaten, the seed will restore about 15% of the players max health, but applies the «Charmed» debuff for about 8 turns.
  • Icecap: Restores about 5% of the players max health, but freezes the player for 3 turns, which can also remove the «On Fire» debuff from the player and destroy the liquid flame potion.
  • Earthroot: Gives the player the «Barkskin» buff for 5 turns. Also applies the «Rooted» debuff for 7 turns.
  • Dreamweed : Applies the «Mind Vision» buff for 3 turns and the «Vertigo» debuff for 15 turns.
  • Fadeleaf: Teleports the hero to a random spot in the dungeon and applies the «Vertigo» debuff for 15 turns. Better to plant the seed and step on the plant, than eating it, because you wont get the Vertigo debuff if you step on the plant.
  • Firebloom: Sets the hero on fire and applies the «Illuminated» buff. Fire can spread to special tiles (grass, doors and etc…) and burn items in the player's inventory.
  • Sorrowmoss: Makes the player invinsible for 5 turns, but also poisons him for 10 turns.
  • Rotberry: Creates a cloud of toxic and paralyzing gas around the player. Toxic gas will replace the paralyzing one after 3 turns, but it doesnt make a big difference for the player, because he gets paralyzed right after eating the seed.This is the only seed that will harm the player more than help him.
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