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This is NYRDS team wiki.

Our main project currently is Remixed Pixel Dungeon open source rogue-like with pixel-art graphics and multilingual localization.

You can download it from Google Play, Amazon Store, Chrome Web store or from Changelog page.

If you into cryptocurrencies you may be interested in Crypto Lending Monitor. It can be downloaded from Google Play.

We developed one more game for android: Jumpy Rat. You can download it from Google Play or from wiki page Changelog.

Also, you may want to check our Pixel Dungeon Wikia page and Pixel Dungeon Subreddit

And don't forget to check our Fanart page!

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Please note English is not native for some wiki authors. So if you see any mistake or awkward phrase feel free to fix it ( this is a wiki after all )

Эта wiki на русском языке

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