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Remixed Pixel Dungeon

This is an Open Source rogue-like game for Android (Also on Amazon) and Chrome Os inspired and based on famous Pixel Dungeon. It is currently available in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese and Ukrainian) maybe in other languages later.

The project was created to provide players with new experience and content. Another important part of our project is developing multilingual support for the game. With every update, we try to stay as close to our community as possible. And if one day you see your idea implemented in the game… Thanks for your creativity =)

You can find the source for this game at Github

There is also a built-in modding feature (and few mods already here)

If You wish to participate in localization to other languages please visit: Transifex

You can check the full Changelog

Differences from original

See Also

Some additional info you can find at


Eduard, 2019/06/01 10:25

Hello, I have a problem, whenever I go down the stairs in church the game just doesnt load and all I see is loading screen.

Jhian Gabriel M. Muhi, 2019/02/03 14:12

I have an idea. What if you can sell all artifacts for a high price. You know, just like how the town got rich.

Jhian Gabriel M. Muhi, 2019/02/03 14:10

I have an idea. What if the mage can bind elememtal spirits to inanimate objects to make golems that get stronger every time you level up.

Ilya, 2019/01/29 06:27

Hello. This game is similar to a stone soup. And i would recommend to add some mechanics from dungeon crawler like gods and their statues. Sorry for my English.;-)

Randy proulx, 2018/04/01 04:20, 2018/04/01 04:28

Have a suggestion for a new character. The re-animated It's a living skeleton that can't use healing potions and doesn't eat, but has a higher regeneration rate with no armour equipped. Starts with a random weapon. To unlock character, need to throw healing potion on a skeleton in the dungeon, then throw a purification potion, then read a scroll of lullaby to finally unlock. Mastery classes would be undead knight that allows the use of armor or in dying fiend that allows resurrection after death, like the anhk of life, but based on creatures killed charges. Finally the unique armor from the kit would be corrupted flesh, that acts like chaos armor that upgrades itself based on damage you take, but no random enchantments.

Mark Frey, 2018/01/20 08:48

How do I unequip an artifact?

Mikhael Danilov, 2018/01/20 12:16

Just use unequip button unless it cursed of course.

akara, 2017/10/03 18:06

clean cache on phone & download google play store ,re install it. it works perfectly

Efe Yılmaz, 2017/03/13 17:03

Guys I cant install it from google play or as an apk. When I try to install it from google play it gives me error code -11. Please solve it.

I use android 2.3.6

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